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There are several fundamental challenges in  the area of strongly correlated electron systems which is an important part of  condensed matter theory: a)   finding new phases  and regimes  of matter and characterizing their properties  and b) predicting the properties of materials starting from first principles. Dynamical mean field theory and its extensions enabled us to tackle both challenges.  I will remind you of  where we left off last year,  namely the theory of Hund metals,  and we will rapidly move to a new subject,   a different path to strongly correlated behavior,  the  heavy fermion road, and the interesting  physics and material science that we discovered.  We will conclude with many open questions which may be ripe for solution. 

References:  this talk will be  drawn from early papers with J. Shim’s group in  postech over several years and K. Haule, and will be based mostly on unpublished work with the Munich group (A. Gleiss,  J. Von Delft, Seung Sup Lee, and Andreas Weisschelbaum ).