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Data Governance Council

Mission:  Guided by the recent execution of the MAA, Rutgers and RWJBH have invested in and now lead several key translational and clinical projects, which require advanced, secure informatics infrastructure, resources and technologies which can support both small and large-scale investigations. Together these assets will provide a data-rich environment which enables our team to advance our collective goals and objectives for, including but not limited to, population and health sciences, precision medicine, data-mining, clinical outcome assessment and drug discovery.

To support the planning and development of these resources, one, single, overarching Joint Data Governance Executive Committee (JDGEC) will guide the methods used for gathering, accessing and sharing the data at Rutgers and across the RWJBH consortium. The Committee is led by a cross-section of physicians, scientists, administrators and bioinformatics and IT staff members who work in concert to provide policy and oversight for all key, data-centric, clinical and research projects across the consortium.