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Agricultural Associate & Master Gardener Coordinator

Cecilia Diaz

Cecilia Diaz has worked in education, urban agriculture, and horticulture as an Agronomist for over 9 years. Ms. Diaz joined Rutgers Cooperative Extension in the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources as a Program Associate in September of 2018. She has focused her work on urban agriculture and kitchen gardens as part of her role in the Master Gardener program of Passaic County. Before her staff appointment at Rutgers University, Ms. Diaz served as the director of a landscaping firm in Puerto Rico, her preferred area of focus was as a landscaping contractor for urban kitchen gardens and school gardens. She also served as a middle school and elementary teacher in a private Montessori School in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, where she served in curriculum development for agricultural and environmental sciences that encouraged hands-on activities meant to be implemented in the school garden.

She serves as the Agricultural Associate and Master Gardener Coordinator for Passaic County. Ms. Diaz earned her Bachelor of Agricultural Science in General Agriculture from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez and is bilingual in Spanish and English.