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Milia Eidmouni, Regional Director of Syrian Female Journalists Network

Name: Milia Eidmouni

Designation: Regional Director of Syrian Female Journalists Network

1.       What are the challenges you have faced as a woman journalist?
first and most common challenge I faced as a women journalists when I started my career, verbal harassment from the editor in chief at the workplace, also not taking me or my  work and reports as young journalist  seriously, and  he tried to put pressure on me to shift my media coverage on the latest fashion trends instead of women’s rights. Online harassment, and  after escaping Syria my family received many threats because I stand with the  Syrian revolution.

2.       Tell us why GBV reporting is important to you.

GBV still under covered and reported, due to the stigma and culture of silence that surrounds this issue, GBV reporting is important to me, to break the stigma about GBV, and encourage GBV survivors to speak up, and know that their voices and stories matters and important to prevent GBV and influence others to raise their voices too and hold perpetrators to account.  GBV reporting play an important role in challenging the patriarchal society, advocating and lobbying for passing and implementing effective laws and policies to combat GBV, and I believe GBV reporting is a long-term process requires a collective effort and not only from women journalists to end GBV in our society.

3.       Tell us why the perspective of women is important in the news media.

having perspective of women in the media will change the media discourse, and we need to keep working and insist to have  more diverse women and femeinst perspective in all the news media, and not limiting it to women’s issues, and international days, Women usually appears in the media as subject, powerless, victims, refugees, mother of someone , and once they appear in the media their contribution and opinion not equal to men’s, and that is why media coverage today not so accurate.

4.       Please provide any other comment or quote you would like us to consider.

All the support and solidarity with women journalists who disappeared, kidnapped, still in detention,  women journalists who are working and covering conflict areas (Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya) and we still do not know their real names.