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Team Update: JiGs Angela Riccitello to graduate with Journalism degree from Rutgers

The young woman behind the tweets and story updates from the Journalism Initiative on Gender-Based Violence (JiG) at the Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) is this weekend graduating from Rutgers University. Angela Riccitello who is currently interning for the JiG project at CWGL will receive her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media Studies during the online Rutgers Commencement 2020 on Sunday.
According to her, the decision to take up journalism is to make a difference. “I chose to study Journalism because I believe in the powerful art of words to make a difference in societies. I have a passion for amplifying voices through writing and serving the public good while enlightening people and providing them with vital information, from news to sophisticated opinion pieces.”
In a congratulatory message, Krishanti Dharmaraj, CWGL, Executive Director said: “Our deepest best wishes for Angela this weekend. We are very fortunate to have her with us in the implementation of our very first journalism initiative on gender-based violence.”
Angela credited her time at CWGL as one of the highlights of her time at Rutgers. “Not only did I gain hands-on journalism experience, such as writing, maintaining social media channels and writing articles about Covid-19’s impact on women, but I gained global insight on the necessary, significant work of journalists as well.” She added: “At CWGL, I learned how proper reporting is essential to raising awareness for implementing, or changing, policies, and for governmental changes. I also learned, however, that not everyone has the skills, resources, or security that allows them to report social and humanitarian injustices, such as gender-based violence. This is one of the major reasons why the work and mission behind JiG is so imperative.” As the JiG Intern, Angela is responsible for researching, writing and supporting the work on GBV reporting worldwide with the JiG team. She also plays an instrumental role in social media engagement of the project.
She said her experience at Rutgers offered her an expanded understanding of the world. “This was accomplished through my classes at Rutgers, such as International Media and Investigative Journalism, as well as my time spent at CWGL by getting a glimpse into the inner workings of different cultures around the world,” she said.
In the future, Angela wants to play an active role in policy-implementation that utilizes her writing skills and her experience in social media outreach. Her father, Steven Riccitello said Angela has a bright future ahead: “She is a hardworking, dedicated young woman and we couldn’t be prouder.”