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The minor in Asian American Studies gives students the opportunity to study race, politics, history, migration, labor, literature, art, and popular cultural production of Americans with personal or ancestral connections to the continent of Asia, conceived broadly to include the Pacific Islands, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, and West Asia/the “Middle East.” Courses eligible for the minor will originate in the American Studies department and a number of other departments, including Asian Languages and Cultures (ALC), Africana, Latino and Caribbean, History, and English. The minor requires six courses, at least two of which must be at 300 level or above:

  1. an introductory course in Asian American Experience (050:245) offered in American studies or an approved 100- or 200- level course centered on Asian American history or culture;
  2. one course in Asian histories, literatures, cultures, or civilizations in a non-U.S. context; and
  3. four more courses with substantial Asian American content, either from a list of approved courses or by the approval of the department.

Students may count at most three courses toward both their major outside of American Studies and the Asian American Studies minor. All courses used for the minor must have a grade of C or better.

To qualify for the Asian American Studies minor, a course must contain substantial Asian or Asian American content, defined as one of the following: 1) the course is primarily about the literatures, histories, arts, cultural production, politics, or societies associated with one or more nations or regions within the Asian continent or Americans who identify with one or more regions of the Asian continent on a personal or ancestral level; 2) the course compares the experiences or cultures of multiple groups of people on a common subject, and Asians or Asian Americans must be the subject of at least one-third of the case studies under comparison. A list of approved electives will be updated yearly.


Required Course
01:050:245 The Asian American Experience

Qualifying Elective Courses on Asian America
01:013:301, 01:195:335, 01:195:338 Caribbean Pluralities and Indo-Caribbean Literature
01:014:215 Blacks and Asians
01:050:102 Race and Ethnicity in the US
01:050:343 Islam in/and America
01:050:377, 01:351:377, 01:358:389 Asian-American Literatures in English
01:070:320 Diaspora, Ethnicity and Race in the US: Asian American Studies 01:070:324 Globalization, Sex and Family
01:506:402 History Seminar: Asians in the Americas
01:508:338 Asian Migrations
01:512:250 Natives and Newcomers
01:512:315 Famous Trials in Modern America: Landmark Cases around Asians in the US
01:512:356 The Thirty Years’ War: America in Vietnam 01:512:391, 01:512:392 Historical Studies: Immigration History
01:595:393, 01:508:393 Global Diasporas in Caribbean History
01:700:541 Cultural Fusion, Exoticism, Cosmopolitanism and Music Analyses
01:790:349 Topics in American Politics: Asian-American Politics and Activism
01:790:394 Rutgers-Japan Exchange
37:575:366 Asian-American Workers in a Global Context

Qualifying single or 1.5 credit courses or experiences
01:050:281 Asian American Identities and Images (Fall Learning Community 1.5cr)
01:050:282 Asian American Identities and Images (Spring Learning Community 1.5 cr)
01:050:283 Asian American Leadership and Communities (Spring Learning Community 1.5cr)
Byrne 100 Years of Butterfly (Byrne Seminar 1cr)
FIGS Asian American Studies (FIGS 1cr)

Qualifying courses for Asian Studies in a non-U.S. Context
01:013:316 African Literature of the South Asian Diaspora
01:013:337 Film and Literature in South Asia
01:082:205 Asian Art
01:098:250 Global East Asia
01:165:211 Language and Identity in Modern Chinese Societies
01:165:264 Chinese Drama and Performing Arts
01:165:310 Modern Chinese Literature in Translation
01:165:262 The Chinese Cinema
01:165:310 Twentieth Century Chinese Literature
01:358:222 Introduction to South Asian Literature
01:450:341 South Asia
01:450:342 East Asia
01:508:250 Southeast Asia and the World
01:508:331 Women in South Asian History
01:508:335 Modern South Asia
01:508:346 TransAsia: A Transnational History of Gender and Sexuality in Asia
01:508:348 Chinese Intellectual History
01:508:349 Modern China through Film and Fiction
01:508:352 Japan’s Rise to World Power
01:565:215 A-Bomb Literature and Film in Japan
01:565:350 Japanese Film
01:565:395 Modern Japanese Novel and the West
01:565:320 Samurai Tradition
01:565:333 Anime: Introduction to Japanese Animation
01:565:360 Japanese Women Writers
01:565:380 Contemporary Japanese Literature & Film
01:574:210 Introduction to Korean Culture
01:574:220 Introduction to Korean Literature in Translation
01:574:221 Korean Literature in Translation II
01:574:230 Korean Cinema
01:574:250 Korean Language in Culture and Society
01:574:350 North Korea in the Socialist and Post-Socialist World
01:574:310 Gender and Social Change in Korea
01:790:313 Political Economy of East Asia
01:790:353 Government and Politics of Southeast Asia
01:790:354 East Asia in World Affairs
01:988:310 South Asian Feminism