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Call for Proposals: Global Asias Working Groups

The Global Asias Initiative invites graduate students to organize small working groups to discuss readings, workshop dissertation chapters or conference papers and/or ideas according to shared research interests. The Initiative will provide modest funds to purchase food, books, or materials for meetings. Upon request, one or more groups might work together to invite a guest speaker to promote interdisciplinary dialogue. The Initiative can provide a small honorarium for the speaker.

During the academic year, each working group is required to:

  • Meet at least twice per semester on Zoom or in person
  • Design and schedule a lunchtime research briefing (7 min for each of the 3-4 presenters with Q&A) for Global Asias affiliates

To apply, please submit to &

  1. A short 250-word paragraph on the research topic or question, as well as a name for your working group
  2. Bibliography of 3-4 articles or books on the topic
  3. Names of potential members

Due Date: Monday, May 31, 2021, 5pm