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Sahar Aziz
Professor of Law and Chancellor’s Social Justice Scholar. Rutgers Law-Newark

Research: National Security, Race and Civil Rights, Ethnic and Religious Minorities, Authoritarianism

Radhika Balakrishnan
Professor of Women’s and Gender and Sexuality Studies
Faculty Director at the Center for Women’s Global Leadership

Research: Gender and Development, Gender and the Global Economy, Human Rights, Economic and Social Rights

Sylvia Chan-Malik
Associate Professor of Women’s Studies and American Studies

Research: Critical Ethnic Studies, Transnational American Studies, Critical Muslim Studies, Asian American Literature and Culture, Third World Feminism, Islamic Feminism, Cultural Theory, Race and Religion

Alexandra Chang
Associate Professor of Practice in Arts, Culture and Media. SAS-Newark

Research: Global Asias art and visual cultures, Asian diasporic art, Asian American art, Asian Caribbean Art, visual cultures, Eco-art

Jessey Choo
Associate Professor of Chinese History and Religion

Research: Medieval China, Culture of Remembrance, Everyday Religious and Ritual Practices, Epigraphy, and Gender and Body

Kayo Denda
Head, Margery Somers Foster Center & Librarian for Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, NB Libraries
Library Faculty, NB Libraries

Research: Women’s and Gender Studies, Visual Culture and Literacy, Asians in the Americas and Diasporas

Asher Ghertner
Associate Professor of Geography

Research: India, urban displacement and violence, environmental law and politics, urban aesthetics

Chie Ikeya
Associate Professor of History

Research: Inter-Asian intimacies; histories, laws, and geopolitics of marriage, family, and collaboration, 1850–1950

Allan Punzalan Isaac
Professor of American Studies and English

Research: Asian American literature and culture, critical race theory, Filipino labor, U.S. postcolonial studies

Tao Jiang
Department Chair and Director of Rutgers Center for Chinese Studies

Research: Mahāyāna Buddhist Philosophy, Classical Chinese Philosophy, Cross-Cultural Philosophy

Suzy Kim
Associate Professor of Korean History, Asian Languages & Cultures

Research: Gender history of North Korea, visual culture of the postwar period from the 1950s to the 1990s, critical theory, gender studies, and oral history

Yeon-Soo Kim
Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Research: Asian diaspora to Spain, diasporic interculturality, critical race theory, Asians in Spanish novelas Negras, and alternative media for Asian-Spanish identity construction,“Yellow Peril in Spain”

Triveni Kuchi
Librarian for Sociology, Criminal Justice, South Asian Studies and Middle Eastern Studies; Faculty & Graduate Student services coordinator 2019-2022, New Brunswick Libraries
Christian Lammerts
Associate Professor of Religion

Research: Buddhist studies, Southeast Asia, legal history

Ji H. Lee
Executive Director for Intercultural Engagement & Inclusion Initiatives
Rick Lee
Director of Global Programs and Partnerships, Rutgers Global
Sukhee Lee
Associate Professor of History

Research: Middle Period Imperial China: Social and Intellectual History

Kathy López
Associate Professor of Latino and Caribbean Studies and History.

Research: Asian diasporas and migrations in Latin America and the Caribbean; co-edits the book series Historical and Cultural Interconnections between Latin America and Asia (Palgrave Macmillan) with Ignacio López-Calvo.

Preetha Mani
Assistant Professor of South Asian Literatures, AMESALL

Research: Modern Hindi, Tamil and Indian literature; South Asian feminisms, women’s writing, world literature, translation studies, realisms and modernisms, and postcolonial studies

Johan Mathew
Associate Professor of History

Research: Indian Ocean, Political Economy, History of Capitalism, Health and the body

Pamela McElwee
Associate Professor of Human Ecology

Research: Environment, climate, development, sustainability, biodiversity, ecosystems, Southeast Asia

Meheli Sen
Associate Professor, AMESALL and Cinema Studies

Research: Indian cinema; gender; genre; modernity; globalization; new media cultures

Anjali Nerlekar
Associate Professor/Chair, African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literatures (AMESALL)

Research: Multilingual Indian modernisms; modern Marathi literature; Indian English literature; Indo-Caribbean literature; archipelagic studies; world literatures; translation studies; postcolonial studies; Indian print culture; Indian visual studies

Victoria Ramenzoni
Assistant Professor, Human Ecology

Research: environmental anthropology; human behavioral ecology; coastal communities; marine and coastal policies.

Edward Ramsamy
Chairperson, Associate Professor of Africana Studies

Research: international development planning; geographies of globalization

Kavitha Ramsamy
Assistant Teaching Professor of Africana Studies

Research: Geographies and histories of African and Asian peoples in comparative national contexts; social movements at the intersection of Black Atlantic Studies and Indian Ocean Studies in the US and South Africa

Nancy Yunhwa Rao
Professor of Music, Mason-Gross

Research: Chinese in North America, opera performance in Chinatown theaters, gender and music, sketch studies, music modernism, cultural fusion in music, racial representations, and the music history of early Chinese Americans

Puja Sahney
Teaching Instructor, Rutgers English Language Institute
Paul Schalow
Professor of Japanese Literature, Asian Languages & Cultures

Research: Japanese literature; literatures of trauma; comparative literature

Louisa Schein
Associate Professor of Anthropology and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Research: Critical race/ethnicity, gender/sexuality and media/cultural studies in relation to China, Asian diaspora/transnationalism, Southeast Asian Americans, especially Hmong

Ethan D. Schoolman
Assistant Professor of Human Ecology

Research: Environmental sociology; local and alternative food systems and environmental sustainability; public health; social justice, food systems in the United States and Japan

Tamara Sears
Associate Professor of Art History

Research: South Asian visual culture; religious art and architecture; medieval studies; colonial historiography; landscape studies; environment; transregional studies

Julia Stephens
Associate Professor of History

Research: Colonial and Post-Colonial South Asia; legal history

Andy Urban
Associate Professor of American Studies and History

Research: Labor history; immigration and race; public humanities projects on 1940s Seabrook Farms, frozen foods agribusiness and company town in south NJ that recruited incarcerated Japanese Americans, British West Indies guestworkers, European Displaced Persons, and stateless Japanese Peruvians

Richard VanNess Simmons
Professor of Asian Languages and Cultures

Research: History of Mandarin, Chinese speaking diasporas in Asia and the dialects they speak

Haruko Wakabayashi
Assistant Teaching Professor, Asian Languages and Cultures

Research: social, cultural, and religious history of medieval Japan; visual culture of medieval Japan; late 19th-early 20th century relationship between Rutgers and Japan