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Journalists Maria Ressa and Dmitri Muratov are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Seeking to bolster press freedoms as journalists find themselves under increasing pressure from authoritarian governments and other hostile forces, the Norwegian Nobel Committee on Friday awarded the Peace Prize to two journalists thousands of miles apart for their tireless efforts to hold the powerful to account. The journalists, Maria Ressa of the Philippines and Dmitri A. Muratov … Read More

Read: RU Global Asias responds in International Journal of Asian Studies

Further thoughts on Asian Studies “inside-out” (IJAS  Spring 2021) By Allan Punzalan Isaac, Johan Mathew, Anjali Nerlekar, Paul Schalow and Tamara Sears In response to Sato and Sonoda’s “Asian Studies ‘inside out’: research agenda for the development of Global Asian Studies,” members of the Global Asias Collaborative at Rutgers University – comprised of a diverse … Read More

Call for Proposals: Global Asias Working Groups

The Global Asias Initiative invites graduate students to organize small working groups to discuss readings, workshop dissertation chapters or conference papers and/or ideas according to shared research interests. The Initiative will provide modest funds to purchase food, books, or materials for meetings. Upon request, one or more groups might work together to invite a guest speaker … Read More

Watch: Boys’ Love Cultures and Inter-Asia Media Flows

Boys’ Love (BL) movies, TV and Web series focusing on teen and young adult male same-sex crushes and relationships have been wildly popular among youth, primarily young female, audiences across East and Southeast Asia, from Japan and Korea to Thailand and the Philippines. Cinema and queer studies scholars address how each national industry has borrowed … Read More

Expert Roundtable: The Rohingya Genocide

SEE RECORDING HERE. As the Biden Administration takes office, the crimes committed against the Rohingya may once more become a focus for American policymaking. On Friday, January 29 from 12-1 pm EST, PILPG and Orrick hosted an expert roundtable on the topic of the Rohingya Crisis and the legal basis to conclude that the Rohingya … Read More

News: International Collaborative Research Grants

Allan Isaac (American Studies/English) receives an International Collaborative Research Grant from Rutgers Global to work with the Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines) and the University of Toronto (Canada) on Filipino migration and sexuality. The grant from Rutgers Global supports international research, projects, and programs initiated by faculty with scholars around the world. READ MORE