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Assistant Professor
Area of Study/Expertise
Library & Information Science
Office Location
Alexander Library 405C

Gretchen R. Stahlman

Assistant Professor

Gretchen is an Assistant Professor of Library & Information Science at Rutgers University’s School of Communication & Information. Gretchen’s research areas include: long-term management of science data; scholarly communication paradigms; and the social, technical and institutional infrastructures that mediate data curation. Most recently, Gretchen’s research has focused on identifying and characterizing data associated with journal articles published over the past several decades in astronomy. Gretchen completed her doctoral studies at the University of Arizona’s School of Information. She also holds a Master of Science degree in Library Science from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, and she previously worked as a documentation specialist for the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array telescope project.


  • Mapping the" long tail" of research funding: A topic analysis of NSF grant proposals in the Division of Astronomical Sciences, Stahlman, G.R. & Heidorn, P.B., 2020
  • Geoparsing biodiversity heritage library collections: A preliminary exploration, Stahlman, G. R., & Sheffield, C. , 2019

    iConference 2019 Proceedings
  • Astrolabe: Curating, Linking, and Computing Astronomy’s Dark Data, Heidorn, P. B., Stahlman, G. R., & Steffen, J. , 2018

    The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series
  • The Astrolabe Project: Identifying and curating astronomical ‘dark data’ through development of cyberinfrastructure resources, Stahlman, G.S., Heidorn, P.B., Steffen, J. , 2018

    EPJ Web of Conferences (Library and Information Services in Astronomy VIII)
  • Working beyond the confines of academic discipline to resolve a real-world problem: A community of scientists discussing long-tail data in the cloud, Brooks, C. F., Heidorn, P. B., Stahlman, G. R., and Chong, S. S. , 2016

    First Monday

Awards & Distinctions

  • SC&I Grant for Individual Faculty Research (GIFR)

    Discovering data through text: modeling the information behavior of scientists across domains, December 2019 ($4,000)

  • 2019 iConference Doctoral Colloquium

    March 31 – April 3, 2019, Washington, DC

  • LEADS Fellowship

    Awarded by LEADS-4-NDP program and Drexel University, Summer 2018 ($5,000)

  • Dissertation Research Grant

    Awarded by University of Arizona Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Institute (SBSRI), March 2018 ($1,986)

  • Research Assistantship

    Funded by the Astrolabe Project, through 2016 UA Accelerate for Success grant, and NSF SI2-SSE award #1642446, “Visualizing Astronomy Repository Data using WorldWide Telescope Software Systems”, 2016-2017 ($499,997; included as named personnel and participated in proposal writing)

  • La Serena School of Data Science

    Scholarship and travel support awarded by National Optical Astronomy Observatory, La Serena, Chile, August 2015

  • Research Development Fellowship

    Awarded by University of Arizona Office for Research & Discovery, 2015-2016 academic year

  • Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) Research and Project Grant

    Awarded for purchase of equipment, December 2014 ($1,065)