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Interdisciplinary research scientist and consultant at the intersection of nutrition, agriculture, health and development. Experienced in project management, strategy development, communication, grant writing, capacity building, and education. Passion and interest in translational research imperative for global development.


Aug 2015 – Present Rutgers University / KEMRI New Brunswick, NJ / Nairobi, Kenya

NIH Fogarty International K01 Research Associate

  • International Research Scientist Development Award Recipient conducting research and capacity building.
  • Develop sustainable manufacturing practices of Moringa oleifera for maximum nutritional & phytochemical
    content in collaboration with World Agroforestry Centre & Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI).
  • Evaluate the use of moringa to treat chronic inflammation associated with diabetes & metabolic syndrome using
    in vitro & in vivo models at KEMRI & UC Davis for preclinical development.
  • Coordinate & foster interdisciplinary translational research projects for global health and agricultural
    development through university, institutional, and private sector collaborations.
  • Complete a Master’s of Science degree with emphasis in business and sustainability.

Aug 2014 – Aug 2015 Bayer CropScience – Biologics West Sacramento, CA

Scientist II – Natural Products Chemistry

  • Technical Lead of Serenade (Bacillus subtilis-based biological fungicide) life cycle management antibacterial
    project; organized & developed critical path initiatives for improved uses of Serenade and MOA understanding.
  • Strategized with team members from agronomic development, business, marketing, microbiology, formulation, and chemistry.
  • Co-authored two patent applications.
  • Completed Project Management training and developed business strategy skills.

Aug 2012 – Aug 2014 Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ

NIH T32 Postdoctoral Fellow – Plants and Health – Advisor: Ilya Raskin, PhD.

  • Sponsored by National Institute of Health’s (NIH) T32 program on foods and plants to treat diabetes and obesity.
  • Principal Investigator & Project coordinator for Moringa oleifera product development & applications.
    • Implemented isolation and quantification of bioactives in moringa for improved quality control.
    • Performed in vitro and in vivo studies on the effect of moringa extracts on inflammation and diabetes.
    • Conducted rtPCR analysis on changes in the gut microbiome induced from consumption of phytoactives.
    • Investigated nitrogen fixating endophytes to explain exceptionally high protein content in moringa leaves.
  • Filed two patents for moringa extraction process & product as co-inventor.
  • Wrote numerous NIH & Bill & Melinda Gates grant proposals for use of moringa products in various applications.
  • Trained, mentored, and coordinated research projects for several undergraduate, graduate and visiting fellows.
  • Developed and taught “Applied Botanicals” workshop course series to bio-medical researchers.
  • Organized collaborations with sustainable moringa farmers & MIT’s innovation center in Zambia.

Sept 2011 – July 2012 University of Nairobi Nairoby, Kenya

U.S. Fulbright Scholar – Research & Teaching

  • Designed & instructed Plant Biochemistry, Plant Physiology, & Plant Structure & Function courses with 100-250
    students. Integrated principals of agriculture, focusing on local fruits and vegetables, into curriculum.
  • Conducted antiplasmodial & cytotoxicity bioassays at Walter Reed -US Army Medical Research Unit Kenya.
  • Mentored and advised graduate students in research strategy and implementation.
  • Launched a CRDA between UON & Walter Reed/KEMRI for joint work on antimalarial plant research.
  • Trained at the Kenyan Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) on biodiversity, seed storage, promotion, & preservation of indigenous trees, crops, and vegetables.
  • Wrote NSF, USAID, & Bill & Melinda Gates grants with Kenyan organizations & universities (KEMRI, ILRI, ICIPE, Kenyatta, UON Swathmore) on “Harnessing East African Biodiversity as a Source of Sustainable Pest Control” and “Development of Analytical Technologies for Kenyan Youth Capacity in Applications Chemistry.”

Sept 2010 – Sept 2011 University of South Florida Tampa, FL

Postdoctoral Scholar – Natural Products Chemistry – Advisor: Bill Baker, PhD.

  • Sponsored by Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) to identify & isolate antimalarial compounds from fungi.
    • Managed a team of researchers in high-throughput fungal extraction (60,000 samples), solid deposition, bioassay plate preparation, data entry, & project organization.
    • Advanced miniaturized cultivation of local mangrove endophytes and other microbes for high-throughput extraction, fractionation & screening. Analyzed active fractions & isolated compounds with LCMS & NMR.
  • Coordinated state-wide consortium on the detection, prevention and treatment of vector borne diseases.
    • Communicated and incentivized involvement with stakeholders from the public and private sectors.

Aug 2005 – July 2010 University of the Sciences Philadelphia, PA

University Instructor – General Biology

  • Instructed & developed pre-laboratory lectures and performed animal dissections.
  • Adapted an anthelmintic bioassay based on doctoral research for integration in general biology lab instruction. Students evaluated the anthelmintic bioactivity of garlic, onions and other medicinal foods (~300 students).
  • Lectured & contributed to Pharmacognosy, Nutrition, & Economic Botany courses (~40 students).

July 2002 – July 2004 United States Peace Corps Ker Pateh, The Gambia

U. S. Peace Corps Volunteer

  • Taught 9th grade science & math to classes of 60 students.
  • Organized & lead workshops on the nutritional and agricultural uses of moringa.
  • Trained teachers & students in forestry techniques & integrated pest management.
  • Researched traditional medical practices including interviews & visits to holistic treatment centers.
  • Collaborated with Department of Forestry’s director & 35 regional workers to compile countrywide data.
  • Worked with Department of Heath on WHO/UNICEF sponsored project aimed at standardizing & bridging traditional healing practices with modern hospital treatment.


Aug 2005 – July 2010 University of the Sciences Philadelphia, PA

Ph. D. Pharmacognosy – Advisor: Ara DerMarderosian, PhD.

  • Thesis: Activity Based Isolation of Phenolic Compounds in Anogeissus leiocarpus & Improved Bioassay Verification of African Ethnobotanical Anthelmintics.
  • Screened 66 ethnobotanical plant extracts for anthelmintic activity and identified novel phenolic compounds in A. leiocarpus with nematocidal activity.
  • Relevant Coursework: Pharmacognosy, NMR, Biochemistry, Organic & Heterocyclic Chemistry (GPA 4.0).

Aug 1997 – Dec 2001 Humboldt State University Arcata, CA

B.S. General Biology & Science Education

  • Coursework: Chemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Plant Physiology, Horticulture, Appropriate Technology.
  • Research: Heavy metal phytoremediation with cultivated mustard plants (Brassica juncea) using AA analysis.


NIH K01 – International Research Scientist Development Award – Rutgers University/KEMRI: 2015 – 2020

  • Awarded 745K to support career development and moringa research for 5 years in the US & Kenya.

NIH Botanical Research Center Grant – Rutgers University/Pennington Biomedical Research Center 2015 – 2020

  • Consultant and contributor to 5M award on botanicals to treat metabolic syndrome.

NIH Small Business Innovation Research Grant – NutrasorbTM & Rutgers University: 2015 – 2016

  • Consultant and contributor to 200K of funding for moringa product development to treat IBD.

NIH NCCAM Botanical Research Center Pilot Grant – Rutgers University: 2013 – 2014

  • Attained $35,000 of funding as a PI for research on the use of moringa in the treatment of diabetes.

Glasser Pre-doctoral Fellowship – University of the Sciences: 2008 – 2009

  • Won a university-wide competitive fellowship that provided funding for doctoral research.

American Society of Pharmacognosy (ASP) Travel Grant: 2008

  • Awarded a nationally competitive grant to present research on anthelmintic natural products at conference.


  • Scientific editor for HerbalGram Herb Clip articles. Sept 2014 – Present.
  • Consultant for PhD International Training & Development Program. 2015, Tajikistan.
  • Nutrition and Sustainability Seminar: Integrating climate change, biodiversity and ecosystems. 2013, FAO, Rome, Italy.
  • OASIS Women’s Leadership & Professional Development Program. 2013, Rutgers, New Jersey.
  • Certified in animal care for proper use of laboratory animals. 2012, Rutgers, New Jersey.
  • Swahili Language Training course. 2012, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • NMR SuperUser Training and Biosafety Level 2 Certification. 2011, University of South Florida.
  • HPLC and LCMS Training Seminar by Shimadzu. Fall 2007. University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Mayan Traditional Medicine Certification – Cornerstone Foundation. 2002, Belize.
  • Agricultural Sustainability Training. 2001, Cuba.


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  • Delivered “Meet Moringa: A Medicinal Superfood Ready for Development” at Biodiversity for Food & Nutrition Conference. Nairobi, 2015.
  • Presented “Moringa: Its therapeutic and practical uses” to Economic Botany class at NC State University. 2014.
  • Invited guest lecture on “Exploring international pharmacognosy research: one investigator’s exposure to ethnopharmacology, drug
    discovery, biopesticides & nutraceuticals” in Pharmacognosy course at University of Sciences, 2013 and 2014.
  • Spoke at International Conference on the Science of Botanicals, 2013, 2014 on “Microbes, metabolic syndrome & moringa.”
  • Guest lectured an International Agriculture course on “Moringa: Pushing Practical Products & Solutions Forward”, Rutgers, 2012.
  • Conference posters NIH Botanical Research Center Meeting: 2013; ASP: 2008, 2010, and 2011. Society of Economic Botany: 2010.