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  • I graduated with M. Sc. degree in Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science from Tashkent Agricultural Institute, Tashkent, USSR, and received my Ph.D. in Agricultural Science from the same institute.
  • In the former Soviet Union, I was an Associate Professor of Plant Science at Tashkent State Agrarian University in the Republic of Uzbekistan. My research program centered around management of cotton, rice, and corn, as well as studying the biology, morphology, physical and chemical properties of soil, physiological aspects of mineral fertilization, and chemical control of weeds.
  • Since March 1992, I have worked in various capacities at Rutgers University. I was a faculty member in the Plant Science Department and did research on Central Asian vegetable breeding. Prior to that, I worked as Post Doctoral Associate in Dr. Ilya Raskin’s Lab on phytoremediation projects which use plants to remove heavy metals from contaminated soils and water. I have also been involved in projects that focus on benefits of Azospirillum in turfgrass culture as well as with mineral fertilization of turfgrasses, beneficial endophytes of grasses, and the use of compost to amend turfgrasses.
  • Recently I have joined the Center for Agriculture and the Environment as an Associate Director of the Central Asia Programs and Associate Group Leader of the ICBG project. This international program will help set the stage for pharmacological bioprospecting, biotechnology, R & D infrastructure, sustainable value-added agriculture, educational activities, and small farm/business productivity in Central Asia. I am coordinating and strengthening the existing research programs, including conducting field research; collecting seeds of targeted species in wild habitats, and initiating country specific breeding programs aimed at crop improvement.

Honors and Awards

  • Honorary Professor of Tashkent State Agrarian University, the Republic of Uzbekistan, 1998.

Selected Publications

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