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Dr. Gleba’s 25 years of research experience in plant physiology, genetics and plant cell culture is reflected in more than 50 peer-review journal publications and presentations. She graduated from Vilnius State University, Lithuania, in 1971, with a M.Sc. in biology-chemistry and in 1979 received her Ph.D. in plant genetics from the Institute of Plant Physiology, USSR Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Her Ph.D. project was focused on the development of technology of suspension culture of Dioscorea deltoidea Wall. cells source of secondary metabolites – saponins.

After graduation, Dr. Gleba established a Plant Tissue Laboratory at the Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences, Lithuania and worked as a Research Scientist developing methods of plant cell culture technologies such as rapid regeneration, mutant isolation and media optimization for plant breeding.

In 1979 she worked as a Research Scientist in the Laboratory of Plant Tissue Cultures at All-Union Institute of Sugar-Beet Breeding in Kiev, Ukraine, developing new varieties of sugar beets using new technologies – culture of isolated protoplasts, microspore culture as somatic hybridization.

During 1981-1984, as Senior Research Scientist at Botanical Garden of the Kiev State University, she was responsible for microclonal propagation and biotechnology of medicinal plants, and was a member of Scientific Council of Biological faculty and Botanical garden. Dr Gleba also participated in student teaching process as a supervisor for student diploma projects.

In 1990-1991 she was a post-doctoral trainee at Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology, Munich University in Munich, Germany were her research involved tissue cultures of species – producers of novel pharmaceuticals (Croton, Taxus).

As a Post-Doctoral Associate in Dr. Raskin’s Laboratory at Rutgers University, she was involved in various phytoremediation projects. In particular, she developed methods of plant screening for higher metal uptake as well as genetic improvement of plants for phytoremediation using somatic plant hybridization. Dr. Gleba was involved in all aspects of research, starting with experimental design, carrying out experiments, data analysis and  recommending future research; she presented results at regular laboratory meetings, Biotech seminars and at Scientific Advisors Meetings at Phytotech, Inc.

Based on her extensive knowledge in plant physiology, microbiology and plant cell culture, Doloressa successfully developed methods of screening plant leave cuticle washings, plant root extracts and exudates for antimicrobial and antifungal activity for new drug discovery.

Dr. Gleba’s main research interests are in the scientific field of plant cell biology and genetics; plant physiology; phytoremediation; plant microclonal propagation and plant biotechnologies for conservation of biodiversity; natural products.

Recent Publications

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