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  • 9/2005present Rutgers University, Cook College New Brunswick, NJ. Currently I am working toward a Ph. D. in Nutritional Science, and have particular interest in the impact of phytochemicals on human health and disease prevention.
  • 8/20045/2005 Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Dietetic Internship.
  • 9/20005/2004 Rutgers University, Cook College New Brunswick, NJ. B.S. Nutritional Science, dietetics option.


  • Christopher Okunji, Slavko Komarnytsky, Georgie Fear, Alexander Poulev, David M. Ribnicky, Peter I. Awachie, Yoichiro Ito, and Ilya Raskin. (2007) Preparative isolation and identification of tyrosinase inhibitors from the seeds of Garcinia kola by high-speed counter-current chromatography. J. of Chromatography A, Vol. 1151, No. 1-2, 45-50.
  • Georgie Fear, Slavko Komarnytsky and Ilya Raskin. Protease inhibitors and their peptidomimetic derivatives as potential drugs. Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Vol. 113, No. 2, 354-368 (2007)

Honors Received

  • 2005 Excellence Fellowship, Cook College
  • 2004 Cook College Leadership Award
  • 20032004 Elected Representative to Cook College Governing Council
  • 20002001 Cook College Student of the Year

Extracurricular Activities

  • 20032004 Cook College Governing Council.
  • 20002004 Cook College Leadership Council – Advancing Academics Committee.
  • 20022004 Alpha Zeta Honors/Service Fraternity. (2003 – Alumni Committee Chair).
  • 20022004 Beta Alpha Chapter, Kappa Omicron Nu.
  • 20012004 Rutgers Nutrition Club Member.
  • 9/2001 Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Walk, Cook College Liaison.
  • 20012003 American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure, Bike Marshall.
  • 20002004 New Jersey Road Runners Club.

Professional Involvement

  • 2005 Passed the Registration Exam for Dietitians
  • 2005 Presented poster session at the NY State Dietetic Association Conference
  • 2003 Presented poster session at the American Dietetic Association Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo
  • 20022005 Student Member of American Dietetic Association