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Ljudmila BorysyukDr. Ljudmila Borysyuk has over 15 years experience of academic and applied research in microbiology, plant molecular physiology and biotechnology. During 1980-1990 Dr. Borysyuk studied physiology of melanin containing fungi under different extreme conditions including the exposure to high radiation after the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident.

Since 1991, she shifted her focus to plant molecular biology and physiology, acquiring solid laboratory experience at the University of Tübingen. In 1993, Dr. Borysyuk joined the Institute of Plant Genetics, (Gatersleben), where she investigated tissue specific promoter activiites during embryogenesis by in situ hybridization of mRNA and immunodetection of proteins. She designed a pioneer method of high-resolution histographical mapping of glucose concentration in plant tissues.

In 1996, Dr. Borysyuk moved to the Biotech Center of Rutgers, working as a research scientist for Phytomedics Inc. She established an original plant cultivation system, designed methods for the deection of protein activities (xylanase, SEAP, GFP) secreted into the hydroponic medium. She significantly contributed to the development of a novel plant transformation system, and thoroughly tested its activity at DNA, mRNA and protein expression levels.

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