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  • Ph. D. in Plant Biology, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA
    – 1999
  • M.S. in Organic Chemistry, University of Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia – 1990
  • B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Military Academy, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia
    – 1985

Professional Experience

  • Research Scientist, Phytomedics, Inc. – February, 2000 to present.
  • Graduate Research Assistant, University of Maryland, 1993 – 2000.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Maryland, 1995.
  • Research Assistant, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia, 1987 – 1992.
  • Production manager, The Vitezit Company, Vitez, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, 1986.
  • Chemical Engineer, The Vitezit Company, Vitez, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, 1985.

Patents and Patent Applications

  • Raskin, Ilya, Ilić, Nebojša, Kuhn, Peter. Methods for reducing circulating glucose levels. U.S. Patent # 7,875,300, January, 2011.
  • Ripoll, Christophe; Schmidt, Barbara; Ilić, Nebojša; Raskin, Ilya. In vitro and in vivo anti-inflammatory effects of a sesquiterpene lactone extract from chicory (Cichorium intybus L.). U.S. Patent # 7,226,623, June, 2007.
  • Ilić, Nebojša; Moreno-Fernández, Diego A.; Raskin, Ilya. Tyrosinase inhibitor and method for preparation. U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. # 20060062865, March, 2006.
  • Raskin, Ilya; Ilić, Nebojša. Botanical anti-inflammatory compositions and methods. U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. # 20050260290, November, 2005.
  • Ilić, Nebojša; Raskin, Ilya. Antiviral substances from plant cuticular and epicuticular material. U.S. Patent # 7,083,814, November, 2003.

Articles in Refereed Journals

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Languages: Serbo-Croatian, English, working knowledge of German and read scientific Russian.