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I have over 15 years experience of academic and applied innovative research in the area of molecular biology and biotechnology. During 1982-1989, after graduating from Kiev State University, I worked on the inheritance and molecular organization of rRNA genes in somatic hybrids getting a solid practice in plant molecular biology at the Moscow State University. In 1990 I was awarded with the prestigious A. von Humboldt Fellowship, which allowed me to continue my academic study on the evolution of ribosomal RNA genes and to initiate a practically-oriented project on the construction of plant high-copy-number transformation vectors at the University of Tübingen, Germany.

I joined the Institute of Plant Genetics, (Gatersleben) in 1992, where I organized a molecular biology group for studying gene expression during plant development, initiated and managed two international projects. In particular, I developed an effective method for the isolation of embryogenesis-related genes, cloned and characterized a number of genes including a plant chaperon, calreticulin, important for correct protein folding and secretion.

In 1996, I joined the Biotech Center of Rutgers University, working as a Phytomedics scientist in Dr. Raskin’s laboratory. Supervising a research group, I contributed to the development of new technologies for the production of recombinant proteins, based on the rhizosecretion from hydroponically grown plants. Rhizosecretion which offers a low-cost, large-scale recombinant protein production system became the basic technology of Phytomedics. In addition, I invented a method for the construction of a new plant transformation vector to significantly increase expression of valuable pharmaceutical proteins in transgenic plants.


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