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    • Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, Fall 2008 – 2012

    • Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, 08/2005 – 05/2008, Bachelor of Science, Summa cum laude, Biology
    • University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia, 07/2006 – 12/2006
    • Connecticut College, New London, CT, 08/2004 – 05/2005

Honors / Affiliations

  • Member of the Botanical Society of America
  • Member of Research Initiatives in Traditional Antimalarial Methods (RITAM)
  • Baccalaureate graduation with honors in biology
  • Golden Key International Honor Society (Undergraduate)
  • ΦΒΚ Honor Society (Undergraduate)
  • Deans List 8 consecutive semesters (Undergraduate)


  • NMR and Mass Spectrometry experimental use and spectral interpretation
  • HPLC, Counter Current Chromatography, Flash Chromatography, TLC methods development and preparatory use
  • General bench chemical techniques
  • DNA/RNA extraction, purification, and amplification experience
  • Cell culture – Diversity estimates and phylogeny creation using molecular markers
  • Plant extraction and extract fractionation and purification
  • Knowledge of and personal experience with local, wild edible and medicinal plants
  • Plant collection, identification, and voucher preparation
  • Forest transect and inventory
  • Garden / Landscape Design

Grants / Awards

  • C. Reed Funk Student Travel Award (Rutgers University) (5/2010) – $600
  • NIH / NCCAM Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards for Individual Predoctoral Fellows – Grant Number: 1F31AT005386-01A1. “Efficacy evaluation of traditionally used antimalarial plants”, 4 years (2/2010 – 2/2014) $121,793
  • Excellence Fellowship (Rutgers University Merit Award), (2008 – 2010), stipend and tuition
  • Henry C. Torrey Fellowship Supplement (R. U. Merit Award), (2008 – 2009), $4,000 stipend supplement
  • Rutgers Pre-dissertation Special Grant: Travel, Rutgers University (9/2009) – $2000
  • Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities (URECA), Stony Brook (4/2007) – $300

Research Experience

  • Pre-Doctoral Fellow / Ph. D. Research – Department of Plant Biology and Pathology (Advisor: Ilya Raskin), Rutgers University, 2008 – 2012,
    Isolation of active compounds from traditionally used antimalarial plants
  • Undergraduate Honors Thesis – Department of Ecology and Evolution (Advisor: Massimo Pigliucci), Stony Brook University, 2007 – 2008,
    The affect of auxin mutations on tolerance to apical meristem damage
  • Research Assistant – Department of Ecology and Evolution, Stony Brook University, 2007 – 2008,
    Ecological and genetic variation of tolerance to apical meristem damage in Arabidopsis
  • Research Assistant – School of Integrative Biology, University of Queensland 2006,
    Evolution of seed dispersal mechanisms of Queensland Rainforest plant species

Teaching / Presentation Experience

  • Antimalarial Plants Used During the American Civil War. Botanical Society of America Conference 2010 contributed paper presentation
  • Antimalarial Botanical Plants (Spring 2010) – guest lecture in “Safe or Sorry”, Freshman seminar course
  • Biofortification in food crops: Metabolic Engineering of Folate in Tomato – Core Seminar II, Rutgers Plant Biology Presentation (Spring 2010)
  • Teaching assistant (Fall 2009) – Plant Genetics
  • “Ethnobotany: Malaria” (2009) – Presentation for undergraduate Plant Biology course
  • “Antimalarial plants: Past, Present and Future” (2008) – Rutgers Plant Biology Departmental Seminar
  • “Arbo Edibles” (2004) – Guided tours of edible / medicinal plants at Connecticut College


  • Mentored Stacy Brody – Freshman-sophomore – (Jan. 2009 – Present) – Review Paper on Antimalarial activity of Gentianaceae – Antimalarial activity study of native north American plants – Her work was funded by an Aresty Award and was featured as a poster in the Aresty Poster fair and at the 2010 Botanical Society of America conference
  • Mentored Matthew Graziose – Freshman (Jan. 5-25, 2009) – Antimalarial Plants from Central Asia (ICBG)
  • Mentored Deborah Rothbard – High School Senior – (Jun. – Aug. 2009) – Civil War Antimalarial plants – Her work was featured in the Rutgers University Junior Science and Humanities Symposium


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