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  • M. B. A. Concentration: Supply Chain Management – Rutgers University – May 2012.
  • M. S. in Horticulture – Rutgers University. Thesis: Gaseous regulation of growth and development of asparagus culture in air-lift reactors.
  • B. S. in Botany – Duke University – Magna cum laude.


  • March 2012 – present: Department Administrator (Laboratory Manager) of Raskin Laboratory.

    • Responsible for purchasing and fiscal management of the lab.
    • Assist with personnel-related functions.
    • Oversee safety and regulatory issues as Chemical Hygiene Officer of the lab.
  • September 2005 – March 2012: Senior Laboratory Technician, Raskin Laboratory, Plant Biology Department – assisted Dr. Moul Dey and Dr. Leonel Rojo with their research.
  • November 2003 – September 2005: Senior Laboratory Technician, Plant Biology Department, Rutgers University – worked for Dr. Faith Belanger doing research on turfgrass.
  • April 1999 – November 2003: Senior Laboratory Technician, Biochemistry and Microbiology Department, Rutgers University – helped four new faculty members set up their labs and performed research.


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Poster Presentation

  • Dorn, R., Chin, C-K., and Frenkel, C. (1991) Gaseous regulation of growth and development of asparagus culture in cell-lift reactors. World Congress on Cell and Tissue Culture, Anaheim, CA.