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Area of Study/Expertise
African Art History

Sandrine Colard

Assistant Professor

Sandrine Collard’s works on images and arts’ production in the colonial Congo (1885-1960), as well as the postcolonial contemporary art scenes in Africa. With a focus on photography, her research examines the intersection of iconographies between the European colonial imagery and African vernacular photography and material cultures. Drawing on post-colonial and visual culture studies, anthropology and history, her work pays particular attention to the question of portraiture, family photography, and gender. She is both a scholar and curator of modern and contemporary African arts, and her current interests lie in museum and exhibitions’ decolonial practices, and restitution questions. Within this group, she is particularly interested in de-compartmentalizing the study, teaching, and curating of Central African arts in strict relation to European influences, to foreground others. By pushing back against a historiography that still largely privileges the study of African cultures according to colonial-established borders, she hopes to participate in a transformation of our students’ curriculum.