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A Message from Dr. Joachim Kohn, PhD FBSE

As biomaterials scientists, our goal is to improve health care and quality of life by developing advanced biomedical products for tissue repair, replacement, and the delivery of pharmaceutical agents. The Kohn Lab has furthered the field of tissue engineering by creating the first combinatorial library of polymers in which the chemical, mechanical and physical properties can be varied incrementally and predictably. In addition to basic studies, our lab has helped to translate our technologies into clinical or pre-clinical products, including surgical meshes, cardiovascular stents, bone regeneration scaffolds, and ocular drug delivery systems.

Our ultimate goal is to increase the number of viable biomaterials candidates and to accelerate their development into medical devices that alleviate the pain and suffering of patients throughout the world.

I invite you to navigate the site to find out more about the Kohn Lab research, its members, and opportunities for students, postdocs, and collaborators.

Thank you for visiting.