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Position Summary

The Laboratory for Biomaterials Research (LBR) under the leadership of Professor Joachim Kohn engages in all aspects of biomaterials science and engineering.  The activities of the LBR are organized around 4 thrust areas:  (1) Design and synthesis of new monomers and polymers for medical applications, (2) Material and polymer science including physical characterization of polymers, and polymer processing, (3) Materiobiology, defined as the exploration of the biological effects of biomaterials as well as the interactions of living tissues with implants and devices, (4) Applications engineering and the translation of new biomaterials for innovative applications in drug delivery, regenerative medicine, and tissue engineering.  The LBR stands out because of its truly comprehensive research program that includes all major aspects of biomaterials science.

Postdoctoral positions are currently available in organic chemistry, materiobiology, and material science for recently graduated PhD level scientists.  All position at the LBR require a strong publication track record, appropriate scientific expertise, and outstanding communication skills in written and spoken English. Candidates should be highly self-motivated and productive. Legal residents of the US are preferred.

Organic Chemistry Position

The successful applicant will work on the synthesis and characterization of polymers derived from polycondensation reactions such as polycarbonates, polyesters or copolymers thereof.  Research will include small molecule synthesis of monomers as well as polymer modifications by grafting, ligand attachment, or crosslinking.  Excellence in synthetic organic chemistry with emphasis on high polymers is required. A good working knowledge of analytical techniques (such as NMR, HPLC, FTIR and other spectroscopy methods) and polymer characterization (for example, DSC, DMA, TGA, WAXS, MALDI-ToF) is preferred. Candidates demonstrating experience in scale up of laboratory reactions to pilot plant are also highly encouraged to apply.

Material Science Position

The successful applicant will work on the physical characterization of polymers, develop strategies for solution and thermal processing of polymers, including 3D printing and other additive manufacturing techniques.  Detailed knowledge and expertise in the use of viscometers, extruders, and injection molding equipment is very important.  Prior experience with WAXS and XPS is also helpful.

Materiobiology Position

This position requires a deep and comprehensive understanding of cell and stem cell biology and is ideally suited for a scientist trained in cell biology, immunology, or genetics who wishes to branch out into tissue engineering, regenerative medicine or biomaterials science.  The successful candidate will work on the characterization of biomaterials effects on various cellular responses (proliferation, migration, differentiation) as well as developing new method relating to the use of genomics and proteomics data in biomaterials science.  An excellent working knowledge of tissue culture, gene expression and genetic engineering is required.

Compensation and Career Development

The LBR uses the NIH postdoctoral pay scale for all postdoctoral positions. Under special circumstances, compensation can be increased beyond the NIH pay scale. Alumni of the LBR are now tenured faculty member in the USA, Latin America, Australia, Europe, and Africa. Others have found leading positions in industry and government. In addition, the LBR is associated with the NIH-funded postdoctoral training program on Translation of Research in Regenerative Medicine. This program offers unique career opportunities for US residents and citizens and offers affiliate status for non-US residents, find more information here.

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Organic Chemistry


Material Science