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Area of Study/Expertise

Biological science, Cell biology, Extracellular matrix biology, Cell-biomaterial interactions, Anti-infection, Wound healing


Yong Mao, PhD

Associate Research Professor and Faculty

About Yong Mao, PhD

Dr. Yong Mao is currently an Associate Research Professor and the lead biologist in the Laboratory for Biomaterials Science. She joined the center in 2013, having developed both academic and industrial research experience. Her research interests include cell-biomaterial interaction, extracellular matrix/synthetic hybrid bioactive scaffolds, stem cell technology, antimicrobial activity of biomaterials and wound healing. She has established and led multiple industrial collaborations with over $1 million research funding over the past few years. She also enjoys mentoring undergraduate students and developing their independent research capabilities. Dr. Mao directs the biological laboratory at the LBR and leads the collaborations with internal and external research groups.


  • Endogenous viable cells in lyopreserved amnion retain differentiation potential and anti-fibrotic activity in vitro, Mao Y, Hoffman T, Dhall S, Singal A, Sathyamoorthy M, Danilkovitch A, Kohn J, 2019

  • Extracellular matrix derived from chondrocytes promotes rapid expansion of human primary chondrocytes in vitro with reduced dedifferentiation, Mao Y, Block T, Singh-Varma A, Sheldrake A, Leeth R, Griffey S and Kohn J, 2019

  • Antimicrobial Peptides Secreted From Human Cryopreserved Viable Amniotic Membrane Contribute to its Antibacterial Activity, Mao Y, Hoffman T, Singh-Varma A, Duan-Arnold Y, Moorman M, Danilkovitch A, Kohn J, 2017