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Matt Charnley

I am an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Math Department at Rutgers University, where I joined the faculty in Fall 2019. In this position, my primary roles are teaching classes, helping to improve the undergraduate curriculum, and mentoring undergraduates as they prepare for their future careers. Prior to this, I was a graduate student at Rutgers University, where I did my dissertation under the direction of Michael Vogelius. I received my Ph.D. in May 2019.



Awards & Distinctions

  • Project NExT Fellow - Silver '19 Cohort

    Invited to join a group of around 100 new faculty in exploring various facets of teaching at the college level and building connections with other faculty around the country who are equally motivated in their desire to improve their teaching of undergraduate mathematics.

  • Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education - 2019

    Award from the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences, presented to a small number of graduate students and faculty to honor their contributions to the undergraduate curriculum at Rutgers. This awards commitment to undergraduates, pedagogical developments, and work beyond the classroom.