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Office Hours by Appointment Only

Fall 2021 Semester (Updated 8/26/2021)

Dear Students,

As you begin to move into your dorms and/or apartments or commute from home, all of RBS is ready and excited to meet you soon! We look forward to welcoming you to our buildings at 100 Rock (NB) and 1 Washington (NWK). Please note that all students, with few exceptions, will be required to be vaccinated before entering campus buildings and masks will be enforced inside all RBS buildings. Additionally please note the welcome-back BBQ announcement you should have received in an e-mail from our Deans to be held on 9/1 (NWK) and 9/2 (NB).

Please be sure to review the Rutgers COVID Web Center for all current information about policies and planning related to campus activities in the Fall. Please also be sure to check the myRBS webpages for your campus for RBS specific information related to advising appointments and other school-specific policies as well as the REAL platform for information about club activities both in-person and virtual.

In the meantime, please do not be shy about scheduling a virtual appointment to discuss student engagement opportunities available to you, improvement suggestions, or other questions/concerns you have about RBS. I am very excited to meet you all and look forward to an engaging and more normal semester that we have all missed and longed for.

With Scarlet Pride,

Matt Peyrek