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The RBS Undergraduate Curriculum Task Force was formed to answer 3 fundamental questions in our quest to best prepare the business leaders of the future and be proactive in our response to future challenges and changes in business education:

  • What courses will be offered to undergraduate students?
  • Why were these courses included over others?
  • How will these courses be delivered? (Ie. Method of instruction: in-person, virtual, hybrid, etc.)

However, in our quest to integrate cutting edge topics and provide
rigor, we must also consider: We have more employees that also study than students who also work. Times have changed: 25% of college students in US work full time while going to school full time. Another 45% work over 30 hours per week. Overall, 80% of students work. Given our location, these percentages are likely to be even higher for our students. We need to balance online/hybrid/in-person learning as needed.

Call for suggestions:

Students, alumni, employers, faculty, and staff are all welcome to submit suggestions, ideas, and concerns you would like this task force to consider in its recommendations on how to re-invent business education and in the RBS curriculum of the future.

All members of the RBS community are welcome to submit these by e-mailing or writing me directly.