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Professor of Philosophy
Area of Study/Expertise
Moral and Political Philosophy
Office Location
106 Somerset Street, 5th Floor, Room 531

Michael Otsuka


Link to CV

My current research interests encompass the value and metaphysics of risks of harm and chances of benefits; reciprocity and cooperation; risk-pooling, pensions, and insurance; and prioritarianism, egalitarianism, and the separateness of persons.

I am, however, happy to advise a wide range of PhD dissertation topics in moral and political philosophy and philosophy and public policy that lie outside of my current research interests, including, but by no means limited to, topics on which I have published in the past.

I post blogs on Medium and threads on Twitter on issues related to public policy. Most of my posts have been on pensions, though I have also posted on public health (Covid), health insurance, higher education, and the measure of inflation.