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RU-N4Success/Navigate is used by professors, academic advisors, and other staff members to support the success of students. Professors use RU-N4Success/Navigate to submit feedback about student progress (“Progress Reports”). Professor feedback is key to student success!

  • Feedback allows students to reflect on their performance and take timely and effective action to succeed in classes.
    • Students in Math courses who received a Progress Report (PR) recommending tutoring were twice as likely to get tutoring compared with students who did not get a PR (data from Spring 2022, Fall 2022, and Spring 2023).
  • Positive feedback can personalize the learning experience, giving students confidence that they are seen and heard.
  • Professor comments can be seen by students (effective Spring 2024) as well as by academic advisors and student support professionals, and are a way to personalize the feedback for selected students.

Professors teaching undergraduate courses will receive an email requesting Progress Reports according to the following schedule:

  • Early alerts – during the 4th week of each fall and spring semester
  • Mid-semester – during the 8th week of each semester, and halfway through Summer Session courses

Professors can send feedback about students at any time. See a user guide for ‘ad hoc’ Progress Reports, and see more Information about Progress Reports in the FAQs below.

Information in RU-N4Success/Navigate is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Read about FERPA at Rutgers.

Progress Report FAQs: