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Public Health Representative
Office Location
140 Bergen Street, Newark, NJ 07103
Phone Number
(973) 972-0596

Andrew Moreira

Public Health Representative

Pronouns: He/His/Him

Andrew graduated from Rutgers University-Newark in 2018 with his Bachelors in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. When he first joined IDP, Andrew served as an HIV tester and counseling, providing rapid testing services to individuals at University Hospital and the Greater Newark Community. Andrew has also been pivotal in developing a departmental marketing strategy that aims to expand on outreach, publicity, and events.  A lot of what Andrew has accomplished includes: bridging and maintaining positive relations with other academic institutions and community organizations, transitioned IDP’s website into a newer and more modern platform with a better user interface, spearheaded major testing events on National Awareness Days, and developed a marketing strategy to help optimize IDP’s social media presence.

Transitioning into Research, Andrew’s focus now consists of recruiting eligible participants into research study opportunities for HIV and COVID-19.  He also supports community engagement efforts, contributing to an approach that is inclusive of and respectful to all identities.  Beyond work, Andrew is working towards achieving his Master of Public Administration so that he may continue making positive, yet impactful, industrial change geared towards supporting diverse and marginalized communities.  During his free time, Andrew likes to travel and visit NYC, bartend, and practice photography and DJing.