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Rutgers New Brunswick/Piscataway/Newark/Camden Faculty and Staff:


Rutgers Occupational Health strongly encourages all Rutgers employees to receive a flu vaccination this year.  As such, we have continued our partnership with Walgreens Pharmacy and have organized several flu clinics across all 3 campuses.  As you may know, scheduling vaccines at your local pharmacy is convenient, covered in full by most medical insurances, with minimal wait times. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to receive your flu vaccine at your local pharmacy, especially if you are not working regularly on campus.

If you are currently working on campus and do not have health insurance, you may still attend any of our vaccination clinics.  Fluzone High-Dose vaccine will be available in limited quantities for those who are eligible.

All graduate students should contact Student Health for their flu vaccine.

Prior to coming for your flu vaccine, you must do the following:

  1. Read the Vaccination Information Sheet (VIS) available at:
  2. Bring a completed Consent form  with you at the time of scheduling.
  3. Complete the My Campus Pass on the day of the flu vaccine before arriving.

You must arrive at the clinic wearing a face covering and must bring the following:

  1.   Rutgers Employee ID card
  2.   Printed copy of your Insurance card
  3.   Pen
  4.   Completed and signed Consent Form: Consent form

  **Short Sleeves are appreciated

  • Please check this website often to determine if there is a cancellation or revision to the schedule.
  • Masks must be worn at all clinics.  These clinics are considered Medical events.
  • If you are unable to attend one of the above clinics, or receive a vaccine at your local pharmacy, please contact our department after November 1, 2021 to schedule an appointment. We will have a limited number of appointments available.
  • If you are a Covered Individual under the Immunization Policy for Covered Individuals (Policy 100.3.1), please ask for Proof of Immunization so you can upload it to the Vaccination website.
October 12, 2021  Tuesday 11a -3p Livingston Student Center, Multipurpose Room
October 13, 2021  Wednesday 11a-2p Hurtado Health Center, front of the building
October 14, 2021  Thursday 11a-3p Busch Campus, Life Sciences
October 19, 2021  Tuesday 11a-3p Camden Student Center
October 21, 2021  Thursday 11a-3p Newark Student Center
October 26, 2021  Tuesday ****CANCELLED**** CANCELLED Cook Campus Center, Multipurpose Room
October 27, 2021  Wednesday

November 10, 2021 Wednesday



Hurtado Health Center, front of the building

The Yard by Sojourner Truth Apartments


RBHS New Brunswick/Piscataway Faculty and Staff:

RBHS Newark Faculty and Staff:

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