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Associate Professor at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
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661 Hoes Lane West Piscataway, NJ 08854
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Mi-Hyeon Jang, PhD

Research - RWJMS and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Dr. Mi-Hyeon Jang has had a longstanding interest in the field of regenerative medicine especially in the context of learning and memory. Over the past decade, she has studied the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying adult neurogenesis, oligodendrogenesis, myelination, and cognitive function. Dr. Mi-Hyeon Jang has extensive experience with viral-mediated single cell genetic manipulations, molecular biology, conditional mouse genetics, behavioral neuroscience, stereotaxic surgery, immunohistochemistry, stereological analysis, and confocal imaging and has developed effective methodologies for the proposed research. She has focused on basic and disease-based research directions including brain development, brain aging, and chemobrain (chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment). Dr. Jang is a core member of Rutgers Brain Health Institute. In addition, she is also an active full member of the Cancer Pharmacology Program at Cancer Institute of New Jersey. This allows for fruitful collaboration, efficient use of resources, and ultimately a more productive and data-driven project. Her expertise and experience, alongside her lab’s core mission, are highly relevant to performing the proposed study.


Adult neurogenesis, oligodendrogenesis, regenerative neurobiology, brain development, brain aging & chemobrain