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Area of Study/Expertise

Masters in Human Resource Management


Diana Erazo-Sanchez

VP Technology

About Diana Erazo-Sanchez

Diana Erazo Sanchez obtain a B.A in Psychology back in 2015 and began working towards her Master’s degree in Human Resource Management in the spring of 2017.  Since graduating with her B.A, Diana has worked in the Psychology field and her goal is to combine her experience working with people from different backgrounds with her acquired knowledge in HR to become a great HR professional. In the summer of 2018, Diana had the great opportunity to intern with Corning Incorporated in their Talent Acquisition team. Diana is interested in employee relations, analytics, compliance, and diversity and inclusion.

Diana first joined RUSHRM in the fall of 2017; she was previously a project manager for the finance team and the IT team. In the fall of 2018, Diana started as the Vice President of the Information Technology.