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Photo of Kiera Malone

Kiera Malone, President

I’m Kiera! I’m a senior in the Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources department, additionally pursuing a certificate in Environmental Geomatics and a minor in Fisheries Science. I work with Dr. Olaf Jensen studying anadromous fish passage; additionally, I help conduct bat research with Dr. Brooke Maslo (our club’s faculty advisor!). I’m also working with Dr. Kimberly Russell on my George H. Cook thesis, which examines how spider community composition has changed over time. I’ve had so many amazing experiences through the Rutgers Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society, and I’m excited to have more this year!


Chris Balajadia

Chris Balajadia, Vice President

Chris Balajadia serves as the Vice President of the Rutgers student chapter of the Wildlife Society.  I’m a transfer student from Raritan Valley Community College with an associates degree in environmental science, and am majoring in Ecology Evolution and Natural resources at Rutgers.  My interests include plants, being outdoors, foraging and cooking. Work experience includes data collection for forest ecology research and coastal conservation research, and community street tree inventories.


Kelly Faller

Kelly Faller, Treasurer

Hello! I’m Kelly, a senior in the Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resource department also minoring in Marine Science. Throughout my time at Rutgers, I have been able to work for many projects focusing on wildlife conservation and management. This past summer, I worked for NJ Fish & Wildlife Endangered and Nongame Species program studying the threatened Northern Long-eared bat, or Myotis septentrionalis. I also worked on a project investigating the migration behavior of the Eastern Red Bat, Lasiurus borealis, utilizing MOTUS towers placed strategically along major flyways. When I’m not studying or working, I am usually coming off of a hiking trail and walking into a brewery. This fall, I will be down at Palmer Station, Antarctica with the Schofield lab collecting samples of phytoplankton to investigate the long-term trends of the West Antarctic Peninsula’s coastal ecosystem.


Adam Yawdoszyn

Adam Yawdoszyn, Secretary

Hi, I’m Adam Yawdoszyn and I’m a senior ecology, evolution, and natural resources major going for the certificate in environmental geomatics. This summer I worked with Dr. John-Alder studying eastern fence lizards in the Pine Barrens for my GH Cook thesis. My thesis will be focusing on chigger mite ectoparasitism in the lizards, hopefully with a modeling aspect. I’m also currently working on writing a manuscript for the size-fecundity work I’ve been doing within Dr. Pinsky’s clownfish project for the last couple years. I’m very excited for this year’s wildlife society and can’t wait for all of the fun things we’re going to do!

Olivia Matise

Olivia Matise, Social Media Manager

Hi there! I’m Olivia, a senior Ecology Evolution and Natural Resources major, and the social media manager of the Wildlife Society. I have volunteered for Dr. Kimberly Russell on her native pollinator project, and I am currently doing a senior thesis research project on mite-host associations in bumble and carpenter bees in New Jersey with the Sukhdeo lab. I absolutely love being outdoors and love the networking and exposure that the Wildlife Society of Rutgers provides.