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Check out the Soil Profile Newsletter: Grass farming puts carbon in soil article

“Pasture-based farming systems are among the oldest forms of agriculture and as such underappreciated as a sustainable source of natural products for human health, nutrition, and ecosystem services.”  – Dr. Joseph Heckman The Soil Profile is a newsletter providing information on issues relating to soils and plant nutrition in New Jersey. This newsletter has been … Read More

My first encounter with Spotted Lanternfly

Salem County, October 20, 2020 Spotted lanternflies are planthoppers. Lycorma delicatula and Lycorma imperialis are interchangeable scientific names that highlight its unique markings.These ‘true bugs’ are called planthoppers for their athletic ability to jump from plant to plant without the ability to ‘take flight’. Grasshoppers and treehoppers are two other examples of true bugs that … Read More

Soybean crop progress

  |Observations|   Highly variable stages of development by field within the county. Many fields have tall plants (3ft) podded top to bottom. These beans are at high risk of going down with the next windstorm. Beans in pods are still quite high in moisture content due to recent precipitation. Check moisture content after a … Read More