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Base 50 GDD tracking 2021 season

March 8, 2021

Growing degree days as calculated by the Climate Smart Farming CSF Growing Degree Day Calculator at 

The blustery winds last week heralded the return of spring. A check of the cumulative growing degree days using base 50 F since January 1, 2021 shows conditions are nearly normal for the 15 year average and 30 year average. This base 50 F calculator is best used for crops that germinate when air and soil temperatures approach ideal germination and rapid growth. 

The calculator that best matches fall planted small grains uses a lower temperature threshold (32 to 42 F). At base 45, we have had just 2 GDD since the beginning of the year. Historically, we would expect to have 48 to 55 F by March 10th.

Hopefully the next few days in the county will bring plenty of sunshine to bring small grains out of dormancy.