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Can you solve these Agriculture Riddles?

Can you solve these Agriculture Riddles?

The following riddle was published in the ‘Spring Fun Guide, Roadmap to RCE created by: Amelia Valente, Ocean County 4-H Program Associate Spring 2021 in collaboration with Salem County RCE

Road Map to RCE of Salem


  1. Fore gut I have for _______________ my food, not my homebrew. Who could I be?
  2. Olfactorily speaking, I am macrosmatically superior to you.  Who could I be?
  3. Udder I’ve not, dugs of mine are in parallel rows. Who could I be?
  4. Roman roaming rumen hauling gluten with his human. Explain in plain English, please?
  5. Halting before vaulting at high speed was the cause of my injury. Who am I?
  6. Honking is the best way to get my message across. Who am I?
  7. Hee-hawing is for donkeys. I prefer to bray than nay. Who could I be?
  8. Hopping along on only two feet is too slow for me. Who could I be?


BONUS FIND: Can you take the first letter of every clue and put them together to find the hidden message?

Scroll to the bottom for the answers…..

Have a agriculture riddle or two for Melissa to solve? Send them to her and she will post them
on her website with the answer key.

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Riddle Answers (posted Marck 21, 2021)


Fermentation…. cow or sheep…

Pig or dog

Pig or dog or cat

Oxen (bovine)

Steeplechase Horse (horse)

Goose (geese)