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Crop scouting reports and pest management tips

Below are links to in season reports and outreach I post on a regular basis on the Plant Pest Advisory Site for row crop, poultry and livestock producers. Consumer Price Index for Food Highest Since 1980 Kentucky’s Combine Checklist to Prevent Wheat Bin Pests Corn emerging. Scout now for black cutworm Ideal conditions for wheat … Read More

Crop progress last two weeks of June

July 2, 2021 Corn: Crop condition for early season planted corn is looking good across Salem County. Before yesterday’s rain, early season planted corn on non-manured, non-dairy acreage was exhibiting tight curling on knolls while corn on high organic matter soils with a history of dairy manure was uniformily less stressed by the high heat … Read More

Spray tank checklist to manage problem weeds in corn and soybean available

Here are two url links to recently created “A Spray Tank’s Last Checklist in Soybean“; and “A Spray Tank’s Last Checklist in Corn” courtesy of Mark VanGessel, Extension Weed Specialist, University of Delaware Research and Education Center in collaboration with myself and other weed extension experts in the Mid-Atlantic. For further details see the full … Read More

Crop and Livestock Group Signup

February 17, 2021 Salem, Gloucester, and Cumberland growers: Please send me a text to sign up for a group alert for the following weekly scouting report updates when applicable. Or to join a commodity meeting. The alert will direct you to the appropriate page on this website.           Animal waste management … Read More

Integrated Weed Management Webinar hosted by Univ. Maryland

A two-part, integrated weed management workshop has been organized by extension faculty at the University of Delaware, University of Maryland, and Virginia Tech and will be offered as two-hour programs on Tuesday, December 8th and Tuesday, December 15th. On each day of the series, duplicate sessions will be offered so attendees have the option to attend … Read More