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Crop scouting reports and pest management tips

Below are links to in season reports and outreach I post on a regular basis on the Plant Pest Advisory Site for row crop, poultry and livestock producers. Consumer Price Index for Food Highest Since 1980 Kentucky’s Combine Checklist to Prevent Wheat Bin Pests Corn emerging. Scout now for black cutworm Ideal conditions for wheat … Read More

Crop progress last two weeks of June

July 2, 2021 Corn: Crop condition for early season planted corn is looking good across Salem County. Before yesterday’s rain, early season planted corn on non-manured, non-dairy acreage was exhibiting tight curling on knolls while corn on high organic matter soils with a history of dairy manure was uniformily less stressed by the high heat … Read More

Crop progress week of April 5

Soil temperatures in the 50’s and excellent soil moisture content are condition perfect this week for potato planting as seen in this photo of Timothy Coleman planting along Shirley Road in Elmer, Salem County. Winter small grain weed management is well underway. Early fall planted grains are tillering and rapidly outgrowing wild garlic and spring … Read More

Base 50 GDD tracking 2021 season

March 8, 2021 Growing degree days as calculated by the Climate Smart Farming CSF Growing Degree Day Calculator at  The blustery winds last week heralded the return of spring. A check of the cumulative growing degree days using base 50 F since January 1, 2021 shows conditions are nearly normal for the 15 year … Read More

Snow geese grazing and wheat coming out of dormancy

Migrating geese grazing late fall planted wheat. March 3, 2021. Depending on when wheat was planted last fall, plants coming out of dormancy this week will be in Feeks growth stage 1 (rapid leaf development but not yet tilling). Zadoks growth stages 0 through 5 further define individual leaf expression. This field having one collar … Read More