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Crop progress week of March 30

Crop progressApril 1: Crop progress reporting for the past seven days:

  • An abundance of daffodils and easter ephemerals are indicative of warming soil temperatures
  • Emergence of dandelions and lawn growth are slow to come on due to blustery winds
  • Wind speeds over 16 mph to 30 mph the last few days are drying soil surfaces but ponding remains
  • Air temperatures have ranged in the low 40’s to 50’s
  • Growing Degree days base 32 since January 1, 2021: 661 accumulated; near the 30 year norm; 40 units behind 15 year average (Source: Climate Smart Farming CFS Growing Degree Day Calculator)
  • Some early planted fall rye has attained growth stage 4 (wind bent erect)
  • Majority of fall winter grain crops are a stage or two behind rye
  • Last week’s precipitation has brought year to date rainfall totals to 11.8 inches to 12.5 inches
  • Year to date precipitation totals are 11 to 25% above normal and averaging 1.8 to 2.4 inches above normal
  • In the last seven days 1.7 inches of rain have fallen limiting field preparation
  • Commercial planting of potato acreage will commence as soon as fields dry out
  • Snow geese continue to raze commercial spinach fields and fall planted wheat to bare ground levels

Precipitation data compiled from ‘National Weather Service, New Jersey Year to Date Precipitation Departures and Seven Day Departures’ at and for Manningtown Township.