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Do you know about the Animal Waste Management Plan Requirement?

“Did you know that since ​2009, all Livestock Farms, which includes equine operations, are required to follow the New Jersey Department of Agriculture animal waste management plan regulation? Click here to find out more information on the agency website about the regulations.
Would you like some assistance creating your plan?
Rutgers Cooperative Extension has the following on-line resources  including a link to the animal waste manual that you can download.

Or, if you would like to schedule a online session please touch base at One hour Animal Waste Management Plan work-sessions are scheduled every month until spring planting season resumes.

You can also contact directly on her work cell phone at 609-960-3275; or at 609-815-6159. Both would be more than happy to assist you in filling out the plan pages and answer any questions you have about best management practices terminology and other aspects of the plan pages.