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Crop scouting reports and pest management tips

Below are links to in season reports and outreach I post on a regular basis on the Plant Pest Advisory Site for row crop, poultry and livestock producers.

Consumer Price Index for Food Highest Since 1980

Kentucky’s Combine Checklist to Prevent Wheat Bin Pests

Corn emerging. Scout now for black cutworm

Ideal conditions for wheat quality. What does this mean?

Shovel solutions to biennial thistles

Drought planning. Monitoring real time stream flow

Driving into High Path Avian Influenza Quarantine Zones in PA. Know the rules.

Emergency Prepardness Poster’s for Producers

The World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates Report

Are you familiar with the federal soil quarantine map, associated pests of concern



Are you familiar with the federal soil quarantine map, associated pests of concern

Wheat Stand Coming into 2022 and Sky-high Fertilizer Prices


2021 Posts:

Small Grains 2021 Summary Available

Assess Untilled Soil and Plant Roots for Grasshopper Eggs

Aflatoxin test drought stressed corn before feeding

Grasshopper damage increasing in soybeans and corn

Mid-season corn crop evaulations

Field crop progress mid-July, Salem County

Soybean insect vectored, internal stem, root disease monitoring now through pod fill

Edge of field weed control to reduce resistance

Grasshopper 4th instar in ready to harvest wheat

Saturated soils, corn and soybean conditions

Management of italian ryegrass

Monitor field edge and in-field large seeded weed emergence pattern

Soil residual herbicides and lack of precipitation

Precipitation departure from normal for South Jersey counties

Soybeans planted already? Weather and preherbicide considerations

A spray tank’s last check list visual aide for corn and soybean weed management

Wild garlic overly adundant plan now to prevent dockage