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Foraging Through the Weeds of Climate Change

October 2020 to April 2021 (Remote, Virtual Outreach)

Virtual Service

  • Monthly Newsletter. South Jersey Poultry Association
  • Zoonotic Disease Overview for Pasture Poultry Producers. South Jersey Poultry Association
  • Mobile Processing Resources for Pasture Poultry Producers. South Jersey Poultry Association
  • Agriculture Riddle. In 2021 Spring Program Guide. Roadmap RCE Salem. Pg. 3-4
  • Hay, Hay, Hay, What We Gonna Eat Today? Monmouth County 4-H Livestock Club Meeting

Virtual Teaching Sessions

  • Animal Waste Management Plan Sessions. Calculating Animal Units
  • Business Planning for Established and Change of Venue Operations
  • Pesticide Exposure and Handling. Pesticide Core Sessions

 Virtual Programs and Outreach Webinars

  • Checklist for Calving Success. Beef 101 Webinar. Rutgers Cooperative Extension, NJAES. April 19
  • A Spray Tank’s Last Check List. Visual Aide Chart for Corn and Soybeans. Univesity of Delaware. April 11
  • Recent Extreme Weather Events: Animal Deaths Linked to Toxic Plant and Pest Outbreaks. NEPPC. January 5
  • Current Hay Market Quantity and Quality Webinar. Rutgers Cooperative Extension, NJAES. November 16

Planned Field Research, Pasture Walks and Outreach (On Farm)

  • Poisonous plants of concern
  • Corn and soybean weed management
  • Corn and soybean pest management
  • Pasture and hay quality management
  • Perennial weed management in pastures
  • Livestock herd health for pasture producers
  • Animal husbandry safety and handling clinic
  • Business and financial planning work session