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Vadim Levin


Vadim joined Rutgers Department of Geological Sciences (now Earth and Planetary Sciences) in 2002.  See his website for research topics and publications and lots and lots of fieldwork photos.

Roberto Masis Arce

PhD Candidate

Education Rutgers University, PhD Candidate (prequalifiers) University of Costa Rica, BS Geology, 2020 Advisor Dr. Vadim Levin Teaching Experience Teaching Assistant: Fall 2021 (1:460:201:91) Earthquakes & Volcanoes under Dr. Vadim Levin Experience 

Xiaoran Chen

Postdoctoral researcher

I initially joined Rutgers Seismology Group in September 2015 as a PhD student and then graduated in 2020. During my PhD, my research focused on understanding seismic anisotropy from the

Past group members

Yiran Li,  Stephen Elkington, Janine Hlavaty,  Andrea Servali,  Michael Klaser,  Benjamin Dunham,  Ayda Razi, Helen Janiszewski, Benjamin Marshall,  Alex Nikulin,  Peter Graham