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Release of Recfunk21 on Github on 01/21/2021

We are very happy to release the most recently compiled and organized software toolkit (Recfunk21) for doing receiver function analysis and harmonic decompositions based on the Recfunk codes written by Dr. Jeffrey Park. This toolkit can be access at our research group’s official github page at
Inside this package, we include the main codes for RF computations (rfmig_mcboot_21 and rfmigrate_21 written by Jeffrey Park in Fortran, both source codes and compiled files are included) as well as the corresponding shell scripts. Most important, we provide a step-by-step manual (A Practical Guide.pdf) for doing this analysis starting from requesting data, doing quality control, preprocessing, generating RFs, plotting them to computing harmonic decompositions. This manual was written in a very careful way and includes certain standards for doing analysis as well as examples and comments for the scripts.
This toolkit was built by our previous and present group members and friends. As mentioned earlier, the two main codes are from Dr. Jeffrey Park and Dr. Vadim Levin, and the supporting scripts and practical guide are developed by Yiran Li, James Bourke, Zhenxin Xie and myself based on previous guide written by Alex Nikulin and Ben Marshall with guidance from Dr. Jeffrey Park and Dr. Vadim Levin.
Last but not the least, we released this package (Version21) at 21:00 on 01/21/2021, which is our special way to kick off the new year!