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Senior Administrative Assistant
Office Location
Ackerson Hall Room 109C
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Anne D’Italia Papianni, BA

Administrative Assistant

Anne D’Italia Papianni graduated in 1981 from Rutgers University-Newark, School of Arts and Sciences.  Her major fields of study were Sociology with a concentration in Social Work and Theater Arts and Speech with a concentration in Communications, Television and Broadcasting. During her time in school she worked part time while serving as the Vice President and Business manager of WRNU, the Rutgers Newark radio station.  She began working at the Rutgers School of Nursing EOF department in 1992 as the Senior Administrative Assistant.  This position is one with a variety of responsibilities including preparing budgets and financial reports for the state.  She is also involved in planning events and receptions for students including the annual HONORS AND AWARDS BANQUET.  She also creates, writes, edits and publishes and assists with the various print materials the department produces, this includes the program for the Annual Banquet, the department Newsletters, the summer program’s Digest, and various department and event brochures over the years.  Mrs. Papianni has also become the department’s photographer, taking pictures of various events for publications and for the archives.   She has also done the portrait photography of initial students, student staff, professional staff and faculty.  She takes great care in taking the portraits of our graduating seniors for the banquet program. Mrs. Papianni not only oversees the budgets, but does the purchasing of all the items needed for the program including but not limited to books, supplies, and food for events. Mrs. Papianni is responsible for on-boarding all the faculty and staff, and does the hourly pay for all student employees. She also oversees the student computer lab and serves as liaison with various departments in the university.

Mrs. Papianni loves working with the Rutgers EOF Nursing Students.  She feels they are a group that shine as they represent so many superlatives.  They are intelligent, kind and caring. They are examples of beauty inside and out.  They understand the seriousness of the career they are about to take on. They will all be distinguished Rutgers Nurses.  This is something they aspire to become and something we are all proud of.  Like EOF Students, Mrs. Papianni was a first generation college student. Next year, 2021 will mark Mrs. Papianni working for Rutgers University for 40 years.