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All VoIP telephone users have the ability to forward their desk phones to a remote number of their choice in North America.  Detailed instructions can be found on this site by selecting the Phone Training tab, but we have summarized the basic instructions for forwarding here.  If you are not a Rutgers VoIP customer currently, please contact our Voice help desk by opening a ticket at, and we will assist you with available options.

Phone Training Link

“Forward All” allows you to forward calls on your phone to another number.

To forward all calls

  1. Press the “Forward All” softkey.
  2. Then enter the call forward target phone number exactly as you would dial it from your phone.
  3. To verify that your calls are forwarded, look for the “Forward All” icon in the line label, and the forwarding information in the header.

To cancel call forwarding

Press the “Forward Off” softkey.

Voicemails to Email (.wav)

Another option that supports working remotely is having voicemails sent to your email. Some of the phone systems support this feature. Please submit a voice ticket to be enabled for this feature.

Submit a Voice Ticket

How to access your voicemail remotely

Access Voice Mail Remotely