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Accessing your Cisco Unity Voicemail

You can access your Voicemail by:

  • Choice 1. Press the Message/Voicemail button on your Telephone
  • Choice 2. Call your personal telephone numbers and press the * key
  • Choice 3. Call the Voicemail Portal for your Campus/System

VoIP Voicemail Portal Telephone Numbers

  • Cisco – Rutgers New Brunswick / Piscataway
    • 848-267-1400 (848-932, 445, & 267 Exchanges)
  • Cisco – Rutgers Newark
    • 973-353-2400 (973-353 Exchange)
  • Cisco – RBHS / UH
    • 973-972-3400 (973-972 & 732-235 Exchanges)
  • Cisco – Camden
    • 856-225-5800

Cisco Unity Voicemail – Enrolling as a New Subscriber

Step 1.  From your desk, press the Messages button on the left-hand section of your phone.  Your onscreen Voicemail indicator will not appear until Voicemail messages have been left for you.

Step 2.  If you are calling from another phone within your organization, press the Messages button on the left-hand section of your phone, press * (star key) when Unity Connection answers.

  • From home, call your personal desk phone number, and then press * (star key) to enter the voicemail menu.  When prompted for your ID, please use your 5-digit extension.
  • OR call the Cisco Unity Portal for your exchange as noted above

Step 3.  When logging in the first time, be sure to enter the default PIN you were provided.  You will then be prompted to change it.  Once the PIN is entered, you will hear the following prompts:

  • Record your name.
  • Record a greeting that outside callers hear when you do not answer your phone.
  • Change your PIN.
  • Note:  At any time after enrollment, you can re-record your name and greeting, or change your PIN.

How to request a Voicemail PIN if you did not receive one during install:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your netid and password.
  3. Select Request Category:  “I need to report a Problem”
  4. Enter a request phone number and your contact phone number”
  5. Enter the location of the Request Phone Number
  6. In the “Request Details Section” Select  Your Phone Type and the Problem type “I can’t receive my voicemail – please reset my password”
  7. Select Submit.

You will receive a HDRT ticket number after successfully submitting the ticket through the online system.  You will also receive an email notification from the ticketing system that a ticket has been created for your request.

How to request Voicemails to Email:

  1. Go to
  2. Submit a ticket requesting to be enabled.

Summary of how it works: 

What will happen when you delete a message in your Outlook / Office365 inbox?

When a voice message is deleted from Outlook, it is also deleted from Cisco Unity Connection Server (voicemail system).

What will happen when the voicemail to email messages goes from unread to read?

When a you read the email (unread to read) the MWI (message waiting indicator) will turn off after all voicemails to emails are read.  

Further details on voicemails to emails


• If you open a voicemail email (even if you don’t listen to the wav attachment) it is marked as read on your voicemail and is now a “saved message”
• If you listen to your voicemail from your phone or remotely and save it, the email is marked as read in your inbox automatically.
• If you mark it as unread in your email, it goes back to being a “new message” in the voicemail system.


• If you delete the message from your phone, the message is also deleted from your inbox. It is only available in your “deleted messages” directly from your phone or calling remotely into the voicemail portal until midnight which after is deleted forever.
• If you delete the voicemail email from your inbox, it is deleted from the voicemail portal as well (and goes into the deleted voicemail box which is then automatically deleted at midnight.)


• If you move a voicemail email from your inbox to another folder, it is deleted from your voicemail (but is available in the deleted messages box until midnight that night.)

How to reach us from 8:30 AM to 4:30 Monday – Friday by phone for support?

We can be reached at 848-445-7541 – select option #2, if we are not able to answer please leave a voicemail and we will return your call ASAP. You can also open a ticket from our main page or email our support address listed below.