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Research Support and/or Scholastic Performance

Laboratory:   The PI Dr. Alice Y. Liu’s research laboratory is located in the Nelson Biology Lab, Busch Campus of Rutgers – NB.  The wet lab, Rooms B303, 304 and 305 are primarily wet-bench lab space for biochemical and molecular biology analysis.   The laboratory is well set up and maintained with standard laboratory equipment and facilities needs for the work.

There is a separate 250 sq. ft. tissue culture room with four separate tissue culture incubators and a 6-ft laminar flow hood.   The room (A304) is well equipped with support equipment including inverted and upright microscopes, cell counting facilities as well as a multi-functional Perkin Elmer Victor2 plate reader.

The PI has a separate office and various computers and lab tops needed to support the work of the PI and students affiliated with the laboratory.

Our home department – the Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience at Rutgers supports various shared used equipment and facilities.   Including:  equipment for ultracentrifuges, microscopy facilities such as the InCell Analyzer for high throughput image capture and analysis (including dedicated operator), Typhoon phospho-imaging equipment for biochemical protein analysis including Western blots, and cold rooms.   The animal facilities to house animal used in this research is located in both the D and B wing of the Nelson Biology Lab.

The overall environment is supportive and conducive to our experimental work.