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General Public Lectures

World Science Festival – “The Biggest Questions of Cosmology: Pondering the Imponderables” – June 2017

PARTICIPANTS: David Z. Albert, George F. R. Ellis, Alan Guth, Veronika Hubeny, Andrei Linde, Barry Loewer MODERATOR: Jim Holt

Conference Talks

Bilkent University – “Laws and Probabilities in Biology and Physics” – May 2019

From the conference “Recent Trends in the Philosophy of Biology”

Philosophy of Cosmology International Conference – “Metaphysics of Laws & Time in Cosmology” – Sept 2014

From the conference “Philosophy of Cosmology” in Tenerife, Spain; 12th-16tth Sept 2014

Roundtable Discussions

RCPR – “A Fortunate Universe: A Roundtable Discussion on Fine Tuning with Luke Barnes”

A roundtable discussion on design arguments with Luke Barnes (Sydney), Barry Loewer (Rutgers), Hans Halvorson (Princeton), Tim Maudlin (NYU) and Alex Pruss (Baylor). Held at Rutgers University, February 21, 2017.