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Perfect Matchings in Bipartite Graphs and a Characterization of Minimal Hall Violators, Rutgers Graduate Combinatorics Seminar, 4/2023. Notes


Convexity, Topology, and Measure in R^d: A Proof of Minkowski’s Theorem from First Principles, Rutgers Discrete Geometry Reading Seminar, 10/2022. Notes


Kempe’s Attempted Proof of the Four Color Theorem, Rutgers Graduate Student Combinatorics Seminar, 9/2022. Notes


Percolation: the Sub- and Supercritical Phases, Rutgers Percolation Reading Seminar, 3/2022. Notes


List Lengths and Color Degrees, Rutgers Graduate Student Combinatorics Seminar, 2/2022. Notes


Stopped Sequences and the Narayana-Zidek-Capell Numbers, Rutgers Graduate Combinatorics Seminar, 2/2021. Slides


The Quadratic Sieve: Finding B-Smooth Numbers, Rutgers Topics in Discrete Math, 12/2020. Slides


How Big Can the Lower Shadow of an Antichain in 2^[n] Be?, Rutgers Combinatorics Reading Seminar, 11/2020. Slides


Electric Networks and Square Tilings, Rutgers Graduate Combinatorics Seminar, 3/2020. Slides and notes


How a Spectrum Induces a Generalized Homology Theory, Binghamton University Graduate Conference in Algebra and Topology, 11/2019. Notes


An Invitation to Univalent Functions, Yale Undergraduate Mathematics Society Pizza Seminar, 3/2019. Slides and notes